2014 House Rules Finalists

Adam & Lisa from Victoria Win

Adam and Lisa

The winners of House Rules 2014 are Lisa Lamond and Adam Dovile from Victoria.

They defeated Carole and Russell Brampton from Western Australia.

House Rules 2014 Grand Final Sunday

House Rules

The grand final will be this Sunday 6th July on channel 7 at 6:30 pm.

Adam & Lisa from Victoria are up against Carole & Russell from Western Australia.

Adam and Lisa

Adam & Lisa

Carole & Russell

Carole & Russell

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No House Rules 2014

No House Rules

Story from News.com.au

Apparently JOHANNA Griggs, the host of Seven’s House Rules, has slammed rumours the couples aren’t the battlers they’ve been portrayed as, saying the claims are a “crock of bollocks.”

Speaking with Jonesy and Amanda on WSFM 107.1 this morning, Griggs hit back at reports made in this week’s Woman’s Day that five out of the six couples own at least two properties – with one team reportedly amassing a $2.3 million portfolio.

“It’s absolute bollocks,” said Griggs.

Carly and Leighton Winners

Winners Carly and Leighton

House Rules 2013 was won by South Australian couple Carly and Leighton…